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DISCOUNT DAVES provides very cost effective, high quality BEST EVER SHEDS and other products for you the consumer. 

Our products are located at our Edmonton warehouse. We offer online ordering with shipment anywhere in Canada. Product can also be picked up after payment.

You can place your order via our website. Click here to shop now. We accept payment by MC or Visa.

You will be contacted to confirm shipping costs.  It is at that time shipping costs can be paid and your order scheduled for shipment.

Best Ever Sheds

Our BEST EVER SHEDS come un-assembled for easy shipment. Installation videos available for your use at this website.
- Standard BEST EVER SHED - 81" x 44.5" x 87.5" outside dimensions
- One & Half BEST EVER SHED - 81" x 130.5" x 87.6" outside dimensions
- Double BEST EVER SHED - 81" x 172" x 87.5" outside dimensions

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Best Ever Sheds

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